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Inspiration stems from multiples and repetition, whether it is an accumulation of everyday objects in the home or an ordered display in a museum. She favours utilitarian or everyday wares for their aesthetic simplicity and for the narrative that links them with humanity, past or present. Motifs gathered from these explorations are used to respond to collections or place.

Her work often revolves about themes of nurture, similarity and difference and also perceptions of preciousness in relation to objects valued by different cultures or people, linked with fertility, food and power, or preciousness in terms of scale. Dichotomies are ever present conceptually and this is reflected in the use of materials - things are not what they seem!

Working primarily in porcelain, which for the artist expresses both fragility and strength, Viney employs many materials and processes in the development of her work. She expresses a huge sense of satisfaction in presenting differences in form and material and how they interact and inform the viewer, the concept of the work is sustained both through the making and display.

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